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Peep Cast Iron Black
These little cuties will bring a touch of whimsy around your home! 1" x 1" Painted iron    
Large Box Matches
Matches can be a part of your beautiful decor.  Each match is 4.5" for hard to reach wicks! 100 matches per box
Hanging Glass Tube Vase Large
A perfectly delicate hanging vase to showcase your precious stems. 2.25x12" long
Hanging Glass Tube Vase Small
A perfectly delicate hanging vase to showcase your precious stems. 1.75x9" long
Cast Iron Sign - Office
This sign will designate the quietest space in your house, at least until the kids get home. 7 x .25 x 2 Cast Iron
Woven Storage Denim Basket
Blankets, throws, pillows Oh,My! Storing all your textiles just became easy to leave out. This super stylish basket lets you put things away without putting things away. 16w X 16l x 12h x 16 diam 1.6 lbs cotton
Woven Jute Storage Tote
This gorgeous tote is perfect for a stylish picnic or to carry your birthday gifts. The perfect carry all for any occasion. 12h x 16dia Jute  
White Puppy Bookends
These mischievous looking puppies will give your bookshelves that bit of whimsy you're looking for. 4x3x5 5.2lbs Cast Iron
Whale Bookends, cast iron
 We have captured a loveable cartoonish likeness of a whale in cast iron, simply yet effectively hand painted. Adding a homey and artsy accent to a bookshelf or countertop area, Our Whale Bookends make the perfect gift for a Moby bibliophile, child, or anyone fond of the wide open marine...
Gomez the Poodle Bookends
Decorate your home with these sturdy Cast Iron Gomez the Poodle Bookends. The bookends feature small black poodle sculptures set atop distressed lime green bases. Display these bookends alongside other farmhouse elements for a bright, charming look.   3 x 3.25 x 6 6.5 lbs Cast Iron
Cast Iron Poodle - Pink
A little Pink poodle is a must have touch of cute for any space in your house. 2.5 x 1.5 x 2.75 Cast Iron
Resin Bird Skull
Add this little cruelty free bird skull to your cabinet of curiosities! 2"Long, .5" Wide, .5" Tall  
Private Greene, Cast Iron
  Cast iron army dudes! 3" Tall
Pierre Leaded Glass Case
  A lovely display case that showcases jewelry, air plants, crystals, or anything you like! 8x8x3.25"
Orion Metal Hanging Star
Antique silver finish tea light holding, metal star on a 25" chain.  Glowing light will dance all around you! 6.75" Diameter Brand: Homart
Marbleized Wine Bag
Marbleizing paper dates to the twelfth century where the craft originated in Japan and eventually found its way through Asia, Turkey and into Europe. Ink floating of the surface of a water bath is carefully manipulated by a brush, straw, or stick, and then a sheet of absorbent paper is...
Luna Cluster Ceramic Bud Vase
An amalgamation of inspiration – test tube meets sea creature – with just a few buds, twigs and pods our Luna Bud Vase Cluster creates an on-the-spot arrangement. Crafted of ceramic in a matte-white glaze this vase is sure to capture curiosity. 3.5" wide, 4.24" tall, 8" long
Hooty the Owl
This little cast iron Owl is the perfect trinket to add to your desk for just a bit of whimsy. 1"x2.5"h Cast Iron 0.3 lbs
Good Luck Horse Shoe
Bring some serious good luck to yous home with an iron horse shoe! Measures: 4.5" x 5" x .5" Cast Iron
Gentleman Memo Clips Box/6
For oneself or as a perfect gift for a dapper gentleman or father, they are made from beautiful natural wood. The Gentleman Memo Clips are a great stylish choice for organizing and affixing papers around the home or office. They come in a set of 6: spectacles, a bowler hat,...
Forged Iron Nail
Rustic, decorative and functional!  Use these forged iron nails for hanging your tools, necklaces, toe rings.... anything! 2.25" long Sold individually
Feather Pomanders Ball, Small
Our feather pomanders showcase one of nature's most delicate forms with the addendum of nuanced colors and warm metallics. When used to decorate a party or to adorn a gift, the soft spheres create a look that’s worldly and warm. 5 x 5 x 4"
Feather Pomanders Ball, Large
Our Feather Pomanders showcase one of nature's most delicate forms with the addendum of nuanced colors and warm metallics. When used to decorate a fete or to adorn a gift the soft spheres create a look that’s worldly and warm. 7 x 7 x 5"  
Etched Glass Globe
  You can hold the whole world in your hand!  What a perfect gift! Small: 1.5" Diameter, Medium: 2" Diameter, Large: 3" Diameter
Cubeoctahedron Forged Nail
A geometric update on our popular forged iron nails, the faceted cube head of these nails adds another level of glimmer to these glamorous pieces of hardware.  Iron nail, copper color. 3" long
Cast Iron Snake Dish
Length: 3.50 IN Width: 3.50 IN Height: 1 IN 2.54 CM Diameter: 3.50 IN
Cast Iron SIgn -WELCOME-
Cast Iron Signs are fun and utilitarian decorations that provide abundant opportunities for imparting information and displaying individual styles and messages, both humorous and strictly functional. Certainly perfect for indicating address information, these signs make a statement, display preferences or provoke a smile. For walls, doors, fences, gardens, patios, family...
Cast Iron Bike Logo
 A perfect metal placard to designate the bike area! 4.75x3" Brand: Homart
Candle Snuffer
This metal candle snuffer will quickly and easily extinguish your flames, so you don't have to worry about blowing wax onto your surfaces. 10x1.25x1
Brass Hand Clip
The adorabe hand clip can mount on a wall to hold up precious and noteworthy items.  It can also lay on a table and functionas a fantastic grasping paper weight. Small: 3" long, Med: 4" long, Lrg: 5.25" Brand: Homart
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