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Mini BlaBla Doll

Mini BlaBla Doll


Blabla collaborates with Peruvian knitters who inspired the business. They are committed to fair trade and environmental awareness.

Aletta is a pretty butterfly who grew up in Tuscany. Her name means "little wing" but she can fly very very far, from Pisa to Perugia and all the way to Rome and back.

Beauregard is a nice wolf who has his head in the clouds. He lives in town with his adopted lamb, Wooly.

Benedict is a little spring chicken. He whistles a happy tune all day and he cracks eggcellent jokes.

Our little Bluebelle is the happiest flower in the garden.

Bubbles is one of original Blabla designs! He is a bright kitty and always ready for a hug.

Confetti is the most magical unicorn. She loves gymnastics and doing flips in the air.

Edgar is the poet of the forest. He needs to brush up on his grammar, but his rhymes are popular. He gets a haircut every 2 weeks at the barber around the corner.

Fleur is a coquette bunny. She likes bows and butterflies. She has a friend named Papillon who plays the accordion. They like to blow on dandelions.

Hazel is the dearest deer from the Holly Woods.
She wears flowers necklaces and petal skirts, and always leaps for a good cause.

Hercule is a brilliant storyteller who illustrates his adventures with beautiful soap bubbles. If you forget something, you can always ask Hercule because he has a great memory.

Jasper is from the Rockies. He hikes around waterfalls. He likes cold nights and full moons and carves beautiful wooden spoons.

Lionel loves to nap in the sunshine and play reggae on rainy days. Without a shadow of a doubt, he will become your mane squeeze!

Machu is a friendly alpaca but don't call him a llama, you might have to wash your face. He has sweet stutter due to his silly front toofie.

Melody lives with her sisters on the 2nd floor in a fishbowl apartment. She gives diving lessons to the neighborhood goldfish crackers. She loves sardine butter and takes the elevator.

Mozart is not a music prodigy, but he sure is a trapeze genius

Pepper is a purrfect grey kitten with a pocket purrfect for the tooth fairy!

Picchu is a timid alpaca with a sweet tooth for taffy. She needs to go to the dentist, but would rather knit a scarf.

Rivier sailed the Nile all the way to the ocean. His heard the water whisper
and made a promise to keep it blue.

Sardine is a marine biologist. He looks for messages in bottles.

Splash likes water, but in a cup. She makes sailboats out of the paper after she's finished with her crossword puzzles.

Socks is writer for a local newspaper, a dreamer and an airplane enthusiast. He has beautiful handwriting.

Suzette is a good baker. She can balance 3 eggs and make a perfectly square crêpe.

Theo is very charming in his snazzy lime green suit and grey bow tie. He is a musician and is best known for his work conducting the butterfly orchestra.

Tweedy Bear Grenadine is a sweet bear who eats roses and stargazes. She always thinks of nice phrases.

Webster is a clever duck who likes books and botany. He can read in between the lines and quacks the very best jokes.

Wooly likes to sleep upside down with his feet on his pillow. He dreams in green and yellow.

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