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Practical Magic

Practical Magic 32oz Midnight Margarita Cocktail Kit

Practical Magic 32oz Midnight Margarita Cocktail Kit

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 Just fill with spirit of choice, let sit for 1-3 days then serve!

Step 1: Pour packet into jar and fill with spirits
Step 2: Sit 1-3 days at room temp, shake often
Step 3: Strain and chill
Step 4: Serve - top with mixer of choice

  • Mocktail Option: Fill with hot water, let cool, shake, shake shake, strain and top with juice.
  • Low sugar option: top with sparkling water. The possibilities are endless!

Inspired by our favorite movie Practical Magic, the Midnight Margarita is extra special because it’s not only delicious but it’s a beautiful black color as well. The Owen Sister’s Secret Recipe is made with a blend of lemon Verbena, Barbados Lime, Coconut, Cinnamon, Lemons, Limes, Raw Vegan Sugar and Activated Charcoal. Our favorite mixer, so far, has been a pomegranate cranberry juice with coconut sugar for the rim. 32oz makes 12-15 cocktails.

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